To incubate "Makers" who will create enduring and universal values.

To incubate "Makers"who will create enduringand universal values.

We will continue providing enduring
and universal values
even if the times and trends change.
A place to create, nurture, gather, depart and return
for "Makers" with unique values.
That is Makers Farm.

Our Services

World's First Distributed
Cashback Service


COINCOME is a cashback website that rewards users with its own token "CIM". This is a completely new form of service that you can earn and exchange to other payment methods simply by shopping per normal on COINCOME, on top of that, CIM grows accordingly to the amount that the user is holding.
Currently, the Japan and Singapore versions of COINCOME is working together with over 800 tie-up partners, and the numbers are increasing everyday.

Cryptocurrency, Token, Point


High liquidity “CIM” coin that can practically be used in everyday life. You can use your CIM globally to top up your debit/credit cards and also pay mobile Internet fees, top up your prepaid IC cards, or send CIM to friends.
CIM is a currency that combines convenience in the real world that aggregates virtual and legal currencies, various e-money and holding of points. Not only is it useful in real scenarios, it is also a gateway to virtual currencies and blockchain-related services, thus creating high liquidity.



Our cashback service DApps (COINEOME Cashback DApps) provides a ledger management and tracking system that is built on COINCOME's blockchain platform.
You can make use of COINCOME DApps as a promotional vehicle from leading to membership development to attracting customers to your services.

Market Overview

COINCOME is a service that spams the rapidly growing e-commerce market, driven by cashback and digital market markets, and has emerged as a leader in overall advertising services.
The deployment and expansion of COINCOME's services will solve underlying issues regarding the growth of such markets and serves to create more opportunities. We will be focusing on expanding the economy via our DApps.

Deploying COINCOME Globally

The cashback market is boasting a $90 billion scale, along with continued growth of 120% year after year. By building a cookieless tracking system and opening a cashback ledger management system, we are developing COINCOME-based cashback services around the world and promoting the growth of EC markets and emerging countries.
Please read about our team, alliance partners, solutions, business models, plans, service strategy, value, opportunities and ecosystems created by CIM here on our whitepaper today!


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